The 13th International Symposium on Teacher Education in East Asia


It is a great pleasure and honor to host the 13th International Symposium on Teacher Education in East Asia, welcoming member universities of the International Consortium for Universities of Education in East Asia (ICUE).

Since the 1st meeting in 2006, this symposium has been held every year, while member universities in China, Korea and Japan have taken turns as the hosting institution. The symposium has served as a forum for mutual discussions of the "image or view of an ideal teacher," "challenges in school education," and "policy trends in teacher education" based on traditional culture inherent in East Asia.

This year's symposium is the third one to be hosted by Tokyo Gakugei University following the first (2006) and the seventh (2012), and is held with "Challenges for the Next-Generation Education" as the main theme.

We look forward to having many participants including teaching staff, young researchers and graduate students from your university.

Toshisada Deguchi
President, Tokyo Gakugei University