International Symposium Conservation of Cultural Heritage in East and Southeast Asia

Substance of Symposium

The cultural heritage is the one to show humanity's cultural activities concretely, and is also the proof that tell the history of mankind. Therefore, it is necessary to protect as common properties of mankind exceeding the nation and the human race.
Asia, especially East Asia and Southeast Asia, have a lot of common features with Japan, such as the historical and cultural background, the weather environment, the kind of the material, and the traditional craftsmanship. Traditional culture is disappearing for the economic development and the globalization in recent years in East Asia and the Southeast Asia area, and the precious cultural property is exposed to the crisis by development.
Therefore, here the international symposium about the conservation and restoration opening to the public is held. It is honored if becoming a help to be the opportunity to consider about the importance of protecting the cultural property of Asia. In this symposium, many results of the investigation research and various problems are presented. This symposium aims at making people recognize that these matters are common issue for all humanity and to make efforts to solve these matters is important.
Through this symposium, we want general person, especially younger generation, to know the importance of the cultural heritage protection, necessity of international cooperation, and importance of investigation and research for it. Consequently, the awareness of the importance of preservation of cultural heritage is expected to rise to the society widely. Increasing the concern for overseas cultural heritage is effective means to understand the different culture. Consequently, it will become help of the global peace. Furthermore, this symposium will become a good chance to aim at the cultural heritage preservation field or the international cooperation field for the young enthusiastic person.


27(Sat.) - 28(Sun.) September 2008


Auditorium, Heiseikan, Tokyo National Museum < Capacity for general participant is the first 350 people of the application. Participation fee is free. >

Official Language

Japanese and English. Simultaneous interpretation is available.


The Japan Society for the Conservation of Cultural Property


Tokyo National Museum


Agency for Cultural Affairs, Kyushu National Museum, National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo, National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Nara, the Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan Society for Scientific Studies on Cultural Properties, the Association for Conservation of National Treasures, Japanese Archaeological Association, The Museological Society of Japan, NPO Japan Conservation Project, NPO Bunnkazai Yumekobo, National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan, Japan ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) National Committee, Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNSESCO, The Society for Conservation of Cultural Heritage in East Asia , Japan Consortium for International Cooperation in Cultural Heritage.

Project Executive Committee

< Chairman > Tadateru NISHIURA
< Committee > Mitsuko HONDA, Yoichi INOUE, Nobuyuki KAMBA, Masaaki SAWADA, Shinichi SHIMIZU, Yasunori MATSUDA, Ryu MURAKAMI, and Shigemasa UDAGAWA
< Assistant > Hiroshi WADA and Reiko IWATA