17th World Congress on Parasitic Plants

17th World Congress on Parasitic Plants


Scientific Program for WCPP2024

3rd June (Mon)18:00-21:00Registration, Welcome mixer (at Ichiju-sansai, Nara)
4th June (Tue)9:00-9:20Welcome remarks
by the IPPS president Harro J. Bouwmeester and the WCPP2024 chair Satoko Yoshida
9:20-12:30Session I: Host-Plant Resistance
(Chaired by Charles Melnyk, Soyon Park)
Keynote by Damaris Odeny (Kenya)
"Striga hermonthica host-specificity and genetic variation across Kenya and Uganda"
14:00-17:00Session II: Development and Physiology
(Chaired by Ken Shirasu, Thomas Spallek)
Keynote by Michael Axtell (USA)
"Cuscuta microRNAs that target host messenger RNAs: Biogenesis, expression, movement, and evolution"
17:00-18:30Poster session 1
5th June (Wed)9:00-12:30Session III: Genomics and Transcriptomics
(Chaired by Stephane Muños, Kirsten Krause)
Keynote by Xiaoli Chen (China)
"Massive and conserved loss of genes in extreme holoparasitic plants"
14:00-17:00Session IV: Molecules and Biochemistry
(Chaired by Salim Al-Babili, Tadao Asami)
Keynote by Yukihiro Sugimoto (Japan)
"Regulating the germination of root parasitic plants by natural and synthetic strigolactones"
17:00-18:30Poster session 2
6th June (Thu)9:00-12:30Session V: Control and Management
(Chaired by Jonne Rodenburg, Evgenia Dor)
Keynote by Muhammad Jamil (Saudi Arabia)
"Striga Solutions: Progress and updates on suicide germination technology"
14:00-17:00Excursion (Nara City)
18:00-21:00Gala dinner
7th June (Fri)9:00-11:30Session VI: Parasitic Plant-Host-Microbe Interactions (IUFRO joint session)
(Chaired by Ai-Rong Li, Luiza Teixeira-Costa)
Keynote by Jiangqiang Wu (China)
"miR399 and strigolactones mediate systemic phosphorous signaling between dodder-connected host plants and control association of host plants with rhizosphere microbes"
11:30-12:30Session VII: Ecology, Evolution and Climate Changes (IUFRO joint session)
(Chaired by Susann Wicke, Stefan Wanke)
Keynote by Charles Davis (USA)
"Untangling the cryptic biology of the world's largest flowers"
14:00-17:00Session VII: Ecology, Evolution and Climate Changes (IUFRO joint session)
(Chaired by Francisco Fonturbel, Susann Wicke, Stefan Wanke)
IUFRO Special Keynote by Luiza Teixeira-Costa (Belgium)
"Global change effects on parasitic plant ecology, physiology and distribution"
17:00-17:30Closing ceremony, Poster award
18:00-21:00Closing party
8th June (Sat)Departure