Abstract Submission

Your abstract must follow the template provided as a Word file. It must fit within one A4 page. This includes title, authors, and optionally, references, figures and tables. Name of the presenting author should be in bold.

Color tables and images are acceptable, but may not appear properly, as the abstracts are printed using b/w priter.

Abstract must be submitted through your registration page.

Submission Period
Abstract format will be available on May 8th May 12th (until July 31st).

Submission Fee
The abstract submission fee is 3,000 Japanese Yen (ca. 27 USD) per abstract.
This fee is processed together with the registration fee.

Oral Presentation
A limited number of abstracts will be selected for oral presentations (2-3 abstracts for each session).
Oral presentations are limited to 15 min plus 5 min for discussion (total 20 min):

1 min flash talk
One-slide presentation (one min speaking time) is mandatory for every poster-presenter.